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THE source on Irish music!

Rough Guide To Irish Music

Rough Guide To Irish Music

My only problem with this book is that it wasn't written four years ago when I first became seriously interested in Irish music (I eventually started the Arizona Irish Music Society...). I could not find a quick cure to my ignorance and reading Irish Music Magazine was frustratingly unsystematic.

Most books on Irish music are focused on the early history of the music, but there was little about the last 50 years. For me The Rough Guide to Irish Music is absolute God send. It is incredibly thorough and yet quite readable.

The first part of the book gives an excellant background on the history of Irish music and its evolution over the last fifty years. The next sections give profiles of key artists and bands with recommendations about their best CD's. Beware, reading this section can be very expensive!

I cannot pretend familiarity with all the performers and bands covered, but I was favorably impressed with their coverage of the performers I do know.

The Rough Guide Guide to Irish Music is an incredible achievment.

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3 Responses to “Yacht Weddings”

  • Francis Gould says:

    I would love to get a album with a wide variety of Irish or Scottish Folk music, but focusing on bagpipes. Are there some good albums with both Irish Dancing Music as well as Ballads? Some of my favorite pieces are Scotland the Brave and Danny Boy. But I also really love the upbeat dance tunes as well. Help me out please!

  • Lee Rowe says:

    I'm looking for some good canadian or Irish artists like Damien Rice, Joe Purdy ; I love the way they sing and love their genre. Help me out! introduce me some! thanks

  • Ricky Spencer says:

    Macintyre undercover or reports, was broadcasted a few years ago, about abuse in a carehome/institute poss called Bell / Belle house in the south of England. The young adults had mental & or learning difficulties, but were abused by staff. I've tried but to no avail. Can anyone give any other suggestions please & thanks

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