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SINGER DF150G Adjustable Dress Medium

SINGER DF150G Adjustable Dress Medium

I've always wanted a dress form ever since i took up sewing, but most ones were really expensive so i was very happy to see this one at only 100$ and an adjustable one too! but dont go thinking that just because its cheap in price its cheap in quality, because i dont think so. it gets the job done and well. its easy to adjust and its great because i can pin the fabric on it. also i found that you really dont need 2 people to adjust the hieght. just remove the dress form from the stand and adjust it that way, I've done it and works fine for me. It does tend to go down again (the height adjustment) if you press on it firmly but i think that's only natural.

i also like how i can fit dresses to fit me just perfectly and i dont have to try it on numerous times nor have my boyfriend help pin it for me! and after i fit it using the dress form and try it on myself it fits perfectly. so i would reccomend this to anyone interested in sewing its really useful to have around and will save you some hassle.

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  • Mike Hoffman says:

    I want to take my hobby of sewing to the next level. I would like to buy a dress form. The one I had in mind is a Singer DF150G Adjustable. They have it on amazon for 95 bucks, the cheapest I've seen as far as they go. It says on some "medium" or "large". I think I just need medium. I'm a normal sized 18 year old but I have wider hips than bust. Will it adjust to my size?? What kind of dress for do you have? Tips please!

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