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Fantastical Wedding Shoes!!!!!!!!!

Zutano Girls Garden Snail Pocket

Zutano Girls Garden Snail Pocket

With a wedding that was fast approaching I was beginning to worry about the shoes I had selected to wear on my big day. My mom had given me a comfortable not so high heel slingback that I just wasn't feeling was totally me. I started searching for a new better pair of shoes when I came across some beautiful platform slingbacks that I thought would be perfect. I got them in and loved them but then became very concerned when I tried to dance in them. We were taking dance lessons and when I wore them during the lesson it became aparent that the beautiful shoes were going to kill my feet and the slingback wanted to keep sliding down. I really didn't know what to do at this point, I had had two pairs of shoes neither of which I was going to wear. I kept on searching for the perfect pair of shoes to dance in, walk down the aisle in, run around taking pictures in, and especially have a few glasses of wine in without tripping, falling, or being utterly uncomfortable. Our wedding was French Country themed and I knew I wanted a wedge with a back that would stay on my feet all night. I came across these little gems and fell head over heels in love. They looked perfect and were just so stinking cute. I decided third time is a charm and bought them one week before my wedding. I paid the extra $3.99 to get them here next day. When I got home and opened them up I became a giddy little girl, the box was adorable and they were even more fabulous in person I put them on and immediately started walking, skipping, and dancing in them. OMG they were so comfortable! I wore them that whole night (even after drinking many glasses of wine) and they felt amazing. I wanted to make sure they would work for the wedding. Last Saturday (my wedding day) I put them on and wore them 10 hours, and they were the only thing that didn't hurt at the end of the night. My dress became uncomfortable along with the trumpet petticoat under my dress, I ended up taking the petticoat off because it became to much to wear. The shoes though, oh the shoes, they were amazing. I could not be happier and would recomend them to anyone with a fun side. I LOVE THESE SHOES! I will wear them again and again...and I'm not even a flowery girl, we didn't have a single flower arrangement at our wedding.

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