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Ruby Rox Kids Girls Color

Ruby Rox Kids Girls Color

I loved reading the book 100 Top Psychics of America. I contacted various psychics in the book and elsewhere. I have come across a number of great psychics, but Jill Dahne is the most awesome of all. She accurately told me the months when my husband had cheated on me. She told me things about his family that was very true. She said that it was so good that my son is back in college. I never even told her that I had a son. Amazingly she told me several names and initials of people close to me. Also, she gave me great advice about moving on and not going back to my husband. She said that he is a terrible flirt and talked in detail about my discoveries concerning this that she had no way of finding out about.
Jill also gave me future predictions that have not happened yet. I just had a reading today with her. Time will tell. But I will practically bet my life on it that she is right on with that as well.
Not only is Jill excellent as a psychic, but she is also a very nice person and a great friend! I highly recommend her to anyone.


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