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The Evening Store Great Legnth

The Evening Store Great Legnth

I loved reading the book 100 Top Psychics of America. I contacted various psychics in the book and elsewhere. I have come across a number of great psychics, but Jill Dahne is the most awesome of all. She accurately told me the months when my husband had cheated on me. She told me things about his family that was very true. She said that it was so good that my son is back in college. I never even told her that I had a son. Amazingly she told me several names and initials of people close to me. Also, she gave me great advice about moving on and not going back to my husband. She said that he is a terrible flirt and talked in detail about my discoveries concerning this that she had no way of finding out about.
Jill also gave me future predictions that have not happened yet. I just had a reading today with her. Time will tell. But I will practically bet my life on it that she is right on with that as well.
Not only is Jill excellent as a psychic, but she is also a very nice person and a great friend! I highly recommend her to anyone.


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  • Celeste Chaney says:

    I am just asking because I have been having a lot of abnormal cramping and nausea for the past week. My period is due next week. Is it possible to miss my period even though it has been only 2 weeks since fertilization (is that what its called)? Or is the only time I can get pregnant during ovulation?

  • Celeste Colon says:

    Okie dokie now. I'm 13 years old (14 in June) and I really don' feel atll that pretty. I know I know I'll get the " dont flatter yourself crap" or "your prob gorgeous." I really don't always feel that way. I'm not popular with guys.. I have really low self esteem actually. I've liked 4 guys and how many actually liked me back? 0. Plus they drool over pretty skinny girls. To describe myself Im probably 5"3 ish maybe 5"4 . I weigh around 114 but I'm gonna lose 14 pounds. (Not starving myself. And permission... sorta) My looks? Well I have shoulder legnth lightish dirtyblonde hair and dark aquaish eyes. Lips are smallish nose ehhh. I dont hav alot of acne but here and there. My fashion could be better and I LOVE to go clothes shopping but.. mirrors are really mean to me lol. My skin is pinksh/pale. I have small ears.. Sorry I'm rambling. Not a good combination I can tell you. My face is roundish ovalish but I have little chubby cheeks, Bleh. So any guy probably finds me gross. And I really just want a boyfriend but it's really hard. Please don't think I'm looking for compliments like "Oh shut your such a *****. You probably are pretty." I really am not like tht and I'll feel bad for pissing u off. So basically any clothing suggestions or hair dos? I HAVE endless bangs, I'm scared the hair dresser will cut them too short so I havent cut them in almost over a year. They pass my chin. Any make up suggestions. I have it but I suck at applying it 2. And for the guys my age: Do you not apporach shy girls cuz they're ugly? I mean im not shy wen you get to know me but how should I approach you? anything i should and shouldn't say? ANY ADVICE IS APPRECIATED!!

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