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HolyClothing Catriona Empire Flare Peasant

HolyClothing Catriona Empire Flare Peasant

Killer in Crinolines starts with Duffy Brown thanking her Street Team. I have to admit I am a team member. When I agreed to tell people about Duffy's books, I knew the titles and not a whole lot more. I have had the pleasure of reading two wonderful mysteries since then. I highly recommend her consignment shop mysteries to any mystery lover.

The characters are well developed. You will love Reagan and hate her ex-husband Hollis. How can you not fall in love with a dog named Bruce Willis who loves hot dogs. There is Aunt KiKi who quotes Cher and is married to heart surgeon called Putter because he carries one. Then there is Walter Boone - who is eye candy for the Belly Dancers Reagan teaches. From a groom found face down in a wedding cake to the last period in the book we are in Savannah, Georgia. I wish I could taste the donuts that Reagan loves or could drink any drink that tastes like Snickers.

Reagan is loyal to her friends. She knows from the beginning that Chantilly could not be a murderer. She has to find the real killer to free her friend without getting killed in the process. I am looking forward to Reagan's adventures in the next book.

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