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Taking us back to the 20's

51637 White Mens 1920s Spats

51637 White Mens 1920s Spats

Harlan Coben puts his well known skill as a writer and story teller to good use in this novel, which is a combination love story and mystery. After a whirlwind summer romance at a retreat in Vermont, a young college professor is convinced that he has found the true love of his life, and that she feels the same way. Yet without explanation she suddenly tells him that she has decided to marry an ex-boyfriend and extracts his promise not to try to contact her in the future. He keeps that promise for six years--hence the title--until one day he reads the obituary of her husband. He goes to the funeral in the hope of seeing her, only to discover that she is nowhere to be found and a different woman claims to be the deceased's wife.

What should be a simple inquiry turns into a dangerous journey involving murder, a bank robbery, organized crime, witness protection, the NYPD and the FBI. Yet despite formidable obstacles, the college professor relentlessly pursues trying to find the love of his life.

Contrary to the negative reviews, I think Coben does a great job of developing an interesting story with unpredictable twists, lots of action, and a real surprise ending. He nicely ties everything together at the end, and along the way reveals just enough to keep the reader guessing without giving anything away. Although this is not the typical kind of novel that Coben writes, he has done a really great job here and provided a very entertaining read. Ignore the negative reviews and enjoy this novel.

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