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Shirley Hollywood Stunning Strapless Candlelight

Shirley Hollywood Stunning Strapless Candlelight

I had been browsing around for an emerald colored corset for some time and found exactly what I was looking for with this item. I have worn a Shirley of Hollywood corset before so knowing the size I needed helped a lot and it fit perfectly.I was worried at first that I wouldn't get it in time for what I ordered it for since everytime I tried to view the shipping info it was not available but the item arrived quickly and I was impressed with the packaging that it came in.The item was ordered through Her Room and arrived folded neatly and wrapped in pretty colored tissue paper that really gave it a nice touch.Then when I opened it and saw that the item was exactly how I visioned it would be I was thrilled. Wish I had a reason to wear it more often!I would take one in every color! I would definetly order again, looking forward to it!

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  • Tina Blackwell says:

    ok so ive been looking for a laced corset for ages and i found one of fredericks of hollywood and it looks perfect.but it said it cant send out to the uk,do u no anywhere that sells them (The Hollywood Dream Lace Halter Corset ) in a size 32

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