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Carnival Womens Figure Satin Torselette

Carnival Womens Figure Satin Torselette

I purchased this dress to wear for my wedding reception. We're doing a vintage theme, and we plan to swing for our first dance. My ceremony dress isn't exactly swing dance-friendly, so I was looking for something shorter, a little sexier and more fun, but still elegant. I got lucky at the $99 sale at David's Bridal and didn't feel guilty about purchasing a second dress, but I was having a hard time finding "the (second) one." Not only did this dress fit all of my criteria, but the top looks extremely similar to my wedding gown. On top of that, the price was great and the quality is better than I expected!

I was a bit nervous about sizing because of the previous reviews. (I'm busty with a small waist and didn't really fit neatly in the sizing chart.) I'm a size 4/small in Women's but figured this dress was geared more toward the Juniors/prom crowd, so I got a medium. I'm definitely pleased! It flatters my curves without clinging to the tummy area. I have a little cleavage; but it's not overwhelming, and I'm not spilling out of the front or sides of the dress at all.

I'm so excited to wear this dress to my reception! :-)

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10 Responses to “Yacht Weddings”

  • Sharron Scott says:

    This product is very nice! Exactly as I thought. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Krista Daugherty says:

    For anyone with a D cup looking for a longer torso fit, this is the one for you! It fits well, nothing clings, since the material is satin, and the bottom is long enough that it is extremely comfortable when sitting!

  • Madelyn Schroeder says:

    I was a little skeptical about ordering based on other reviews. Most people who had something negative to say were disappointed about the size...some said it was too big and some too small. I took the advice from the reviews that identified themselves as plus size and ordered my normal cup size but one size up. It fit perfectly! I am a tall woman, 5'11" and the bodice came down long enough to cover that infamous mid drift section. It's perfect to pair with control top panties for overall coverage. I definitely would recommend this product. Great fit...great price!!!

  • Roland Melendez says:

    I purchased this torsolette to wear under a bridesmaid dress. I liked the lift and shape it gave me and it was comfortable enough to wear all day. However, the band size runs large so I had to order one size smaller (the cup size runs normal), and the boning is thick so be careful when wearing this under thin fabrics.

  • Miguel Hyde says:

    Everyone's body shape is different - so the fit will be different on everyone.

    For me - I have an hourglass figure, and for some reason the cup size was a bit big and the band was definitely snug - which is fine for my purposes. In any case I normally wear a 38D bra - and I found the cups to be a bit larger than I thought they would be. Overall, I think this bra is great - it gives me the support I need as well as the shaping to flatter my figure. The boning is flexible enough to hug my curves, yet sturdy enough to support my bust. I would definitely recommend this bra to anyone looking for undergarments for a strapless dress as this works perfectly!

  • Kevin Gamble says:

  • Louis Jennings says:

    First, my body type is large around the middle and bust.
    Second, I ordered this in a smaller size first, and exchanged it for my regular size and it fit.
    Third, it works great and is a great deal! If you want to hold things in a bit and push the ladies up a bit, this is the piece for you.
    Lastly, it is not uncomfortable!

  • Ian Mayo says:

    I needed this for a wedding, it fit perfectly under my bridesmaid dress, supported me all through the entire wedding, and was surprisingly comfortable as well. I will be using it again.

  • Diane Chan says:

    I think that this one of the best bras I have ever owned. I ordered the wrong size at first the bottom was to small and the top was to big but I ordered the correct size and I am soo happy. I ordered it to go under a bridesmaids dress but I have worn it under other things including jeans. Easy to move around in so it can be worn almost everyday. Shipping was fast and the packing was great. I have no complaints her, just a suggestion order a size smaller.

  • Ralph Fuentes says:

    I bought this to wear for my wedding. It is true to fit, and for my chest size it was perfect. I wore it before my wedding with a strapless dress, and was comfortable the whole day in it. I also got a compliment on how slimmer I looked in it!

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