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JD Robb offers an immortal look at life, at death!

Immortal Death In Book

Immortal Death In Book

The main characters introduced in Naked in Death are once again fleshed out more in this installation. Another likeable character is introduced, Delia Peabody. She's an excellent addition to a strong cast.

In my opinion Immortal is a great read. I've read it three times now. The plot is masterful. The suspense and conflict are first rate. Most importantly to me, though, is how emotional and touching it is.

This series of books is addictive.

As I stated in my review of Naked in Death, as this series progresses the characters deepen and many more noteworthy and loveable characters emerge.

If you haven't read the 'in Death' series, you're denying yourself hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Take the advice I was given, though, and read them in order.

Thank you Ms. Robb!

Shelley Dawn, author of Sweet, Sweet Jessie and Dark Nights

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  • Esmeralda Mcbride says:

    I really want to read a good book that's set during that time!! I love reading literature from that time period, what's a good read?

  • Madelyn Bradshaw says:

    hey i have just finished reading the best books in the world ( twilight and vampire academy) and now i'am kind of stuck of what to read now can you please suggest some books that might interest me?

  • Jordan Sweet says:

    I like to read romantic novels. But i cant seem to find good books with a little spice to it like having a little bit of tension and sex in it. Is there a good book like that?

  • Marion Mcclain says:

    What age do you think this book is appropriate for, and is a it a good book, would you recommend it? Can you give me some insight as to what it is about, without giving away too much of the story line? What age are the characters?

  • Nathan Obrien says:

    So I'm 15 and I love to read! I like books when they have at least a sequel or more books to them. I just read The Boys next door and Endless summer, they were good. I also read the summer i turned pretty series which was my favorite. I need some more books to read! Any teen romance books in the summer would be perfect. (I've also read Twilight and liked it.) Thanks so much.

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