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i hate gown shopping....

Strapless Rhinestones Printed Chiffon HE09752ZS08

Strapless Rhinestones Printed Chiffon HE09752ZS08

"The Little Flower Girl" is a true-to-life enactment of what a child could expect to feel when participating in a wedding.

Louisa is asked to be a flower girl at her Uncle Jim's wedding. At first, Louisa is excited to be included until she begins to wonder and worry about her role. She wants to be the best flower girl that she can be. Meanwhile, her two year old brother George is oblivious about his role as the ring bearer, as depicted when he fusses during the wedding rehearsel and hides behind the ring bearer pillow as the wedding is taking place.

It is an amusing story and addresses the anxieties some children feel about being a part of a wedding. Louisa realizes that weddings are not just about fancy dresses and eating a big cake. What is most important is when people come together "and dance in a circle of love."

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  • James Whitaker says:

    And I have never shopped online for a gown. However, when I saw this one it was love at first sight! It fit like a glove! I am 5'2 and weigh 135. I pair it with some sky high heels and blingy earrings! I received so many compliments and even got an offer from someone to buy it from me!

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