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1000b B Nude Braza Adhesive

1000b B Nude Braza Adhesive

This product is absolutely amazing. It was so easy to install in my wedding dress. I even hand sewed it in right over the zipper! Now my dress looks as if it were made with a corset back. The material used for the modesty panel in this particular version was a white satin. The premade loops looked to also be a satin and the lacing cord is a sturdy satin ribbon.

I measured wrong and the boning and loops measured abut two inches too long for the zipper gap i had to cover. My fault: not the product's or the company's. The boning looks to be a firm plastic but it was easy enough to cut through with kitchen shears.

My advice to other brides or girls looking to alter their prom dress or any dress is measure the zipper. If it comes to 14 inches get the 14 inch version! A sewing machine would have probably been a better route but as I stated it was almost too easy to hand sew in. The only thing that was a bit discontenting were the instructions that were included. Although they did included a youtube link to watch instructions and an email address to get new instructions I just went with the flow and I have zero sewing talent. I love this product.

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  • Charity Burns says:

    Being a dancer in a topless club that requires us to wear pasties over our areolas, these have worked the best! They stay on even when sweaty, (as long as you don't use lotion on the area where your sticking them) They blend in with your skin tone but aren't see thru, and they are nice and soft!

    If you're a dancer you know how weird the beige pasties look on dark skin ladies so the cocoa ones work perfect!

    I am thoroughly satisfied with this product.

    Thank you!

  • Alfredo Floyd says:

    They can be cut to fit, inexpensive, and don't move even if you sweat! The only strapless bra I'll use!

  • Todd Christian says:

  • Todd Burnett says:

    I am barely a B so it doesn't take much but these things worked great for my wedding day. I had to apply them at 5 am and they were still hard at work at 9pm. There was a small section of skin that was irritated but nothing worth doing anything about. They did take a few practice sessions to apply them so that I sat level, but only three times. I wore a silk tiered dress and felt completely secure all day.

  • Charles Thompson says:

    These are great for sundresses and strapless dresses! I had ordered some and just came on to order some for my sister.

  • Terry Kim says:

    Makes me look and feel wonderful, just like I did when I was 20, before gravity tookover, love,love,love this product.

  • Russell Johnston says:

    My wife has large breasts, 32DDD. She has been looking for something like this so she can wear backless or deep plunge dresses. This product worked like a charm. It is a little difficult the first time but don't give up the first time. Have someone help you. It took my wife and I 3 times to get it right. Now we can do it perfectly every time. Once on they held the entire night even going to dance clubs. My wife also said she could not even tell she had them on. It held eveything in place and made her look great. These are Awesome. I will have a surplus at home just in case.

  • Bernard Herman says:

    I used to get this type of strapless adhesive bra from Target but they stopped selling them. I decided to give this a try. I bought them and they worked just as well. They don't budge and they support!

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