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Aerosoles Womens Give Flat Snake

Aerosoles Womens Give Flat Snake

I was waiting with anticipation for this shoe to arrive. I can't believe how beautiful these shoes are! The fit, quality, and comfort exceeded my expectation. I have been looking for a shoe for my wedding in September that would fit the style of my wedding dress...I couldn't believe how hard it was to find. I have bought and returned MUCH more expensive shoes such as Stuart Weitzman and Benjamin Adams. I'm wearing a diamond white Alfred Angelo tea length dress that looks like something from the fifties...these shoes are perfect!!

The only issue I had was that my heel lifted as I walked and made a flopping sound. I loved them so much that I was determined to find a solution to this minor problem...I bought haute heels from foot, problem solved!!

I can't wait to wear these for my wedding in September!!!!

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  • Patrice Andrews says:

    I work in admissions at the hospital (basically a receptionist). The dress code is "business casual" so most days I just wear black/grey/khaki type pants, a nice top and cardigan, and flats or occasionally sandals. Sometimes I will wear a dress or skirt or whatever. Anyways, I will soon be working nights so the dress code is a little more casual, but I'm still expected to dress nice. It's too cold to wear sandals in the winter and I find that most flats are unconfortable and either squeeze my toes or give me blisters (even after they are broken in!). I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where I can find flats that are comfier than most, or has any suggestions on other shoes I might be able to wear and still fit within the dress code? I was thinking maybe sperry topsiders or even a nice tom's shoe might work (I have seen other girls I work with wearing toms). Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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