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CUTE shoes!!!

Naughty Monkey Womens Quickie Pump

Naughty Monkey Womens Quickie Pump

I purchased this dress to wear for my wedding reception. We're doing a vintage theme, and we plan to swing for our first dance. My ceremony dress isn't exactly swing dance-friendly, so I was looking for something shorter, a little sexier and more fun, but still elegant. I got lucky at the $99 sale at David's Bridal and didn't feel guilty about purchasing a second dress, but I was having a hard time finding "the (second) one." Not only did this dress fit all of my criteria, but the top looks extremely similar to my wedding gown. On top of that, the price was great and the quality is better than I expected!

I was a bit nervous about sizing because of the previous reviews. (I'm busty with a small waist and didn't really fit neatly in the sizing chart.) I'm a size 4/small in Women's but figured this dress was geared more toward the Juniors/prom crowd, so I got a medium. I'm definitely pleased! It flatters my curves without clinging to the tummy area. I have a little cleavage; but it's not overwhelming, and I'm not spilling out of the front or sides of the dress at all.

I'm so excited to wear this dress to my reception! :-)

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4 Responses to “Yacht Weddings”

  • Angelica Dennis says:

    I really liked these shoes and they matched perfect with the outfit I ordered them for!

  • Leta Stewart says:

    I bought this pair for a wedding. It's a little taller than I normally wear, but balancing and walking wasn't a problem. For once I like the velcro; it makes them easy to put on and off without the fear of the velcro coming apart. But like with any high heel shoe, over time of constant standing they will become uncomfortable (it was an all-day event). Just bring a comfy pair of shoes for later! =) I can definitely use these on a casual basis with jeans for a summer dress.

  • Genevieve Heath says:

  • Linda Mclaughlin says:

    These shoes are outstanding! They have extra cushion and a grip on the sole, making them the most comfortable heels I own. They are so cute as well... my husband refers to them as "double take shoes"...and I agree that they attract a second look. I highly recommend them and for the price, you can't beat it.

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