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Allegra Ladies Width Textured Elastic

Allegra Ladies Width Textured Elastic

These sandals just arrived today. I purchased them for my wedding in June, and i'm a low heel kind of girl for many reason, one of them is that i personally just don't like very thin and high heels. So when i saw these sandals, i knew right away that i wanted them because their type of heel isn't made nowadays but its a very comfortable heel, especially for someone planning to stand most of the day like me. They're also very elegant looking and not too high. I must say, they're gorgeous, and the fit is just great. I ordered them in wide because although my feet are small, they're a bit wide at the front, so when i got the sandals and tried them on they fit perfectly. They are very roomy and just simply beautiful looking on my feet as well. I'd order them again if i had to in a heartbeat!

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6 Responses to “Yacht Weddings”

  • Phillip Knowles says:

    This belt is so pretty and lightweight. I love the design and looks very durable. Definitely a buy and highly recommended.

  • Myra Fletcher says:

    I wasn't sure about this at first because the price is SOOO low, but I have ordered two products from this company now and just like I was satisfied with first- I was happy with this one :) The belt is true to size, has a great, sturdy, stretchy, handsome make, and it works great with the dress I wanted it for. I'm glad I bought it!

  • Julia West says:

    I used it to upgrade a dress for a black-tie wedding. People thought it was part of the dress, and it looked really good. I wore it under bust.
    Definitely a good buy!

  • Thomas Stein says:

    Love this belt, I hadn't bought too many belts so I wasn't sure what to expect or look out for while shopping online, but I love the belt, and the price! I'll be buying more, for sure!

  • Melody Ramsey says:

    Super cute belt. It stretches and you can wear it at the waist or around your hips. Dresses up shirts well

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