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Anne Klein Womens 104899SVTT Two Tone

Anne Klein Womens 104899SVTT Two Tone

Once Upon a Prince By Rachel Hauck is magical. If I had to use just one word it would be just that... magical. Susanna, the heroine, has loved one man for as long as she can remeber and wants nothing more than to marry him, but just as in life it does not got according to plan. Sadly, Susanna is dumped instead of proposed to and spends her time trying to recover from this upset when her prince and I mean an actual prince steps into her life and all will work out better than she could have ever planned. With a few hiccups here and there both Susanna and Nat come together along with His guidance. I was thoroughly enthralled with this magical fairytale that I did nothing but lounge in my corner and read this tale from cover to cover in one sitting. This is my kind of summer reading, two people finding love when they least expected it and were more than ready for it.

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10 Responses to “Yacht Weddings”

  • Hector Spears says:

    I have worn Anne Klein watches for years because of their reliability and classy look - both necessary in the business world - and inexpensive price. Buying through Amazon using my Prime account, was quick and easy and saved me about 40%. This watch is the same high quality that I have experienced when buying through a local department store.
    The watch is as advertised. Two tone, feminine looking and classic. The bracelet size is adjustable by removing links if you want it tighter. I would recommend any of the Anne Klein watches for quality. I treat myself to a new one every 3 years when the battery gives out. I've never had a bad one.

  • Denise Rutledge says:

    I can wear this watch to work or out on the town. I like it's classic design and slim look.

  • Kristi Keller says:

    I love Anne Klein watches. I bought this one on impulse as I was browsing through Gold Box deals. I love the rectangular face of the watch and I like having a watch that is silver and gold because it goes with all my jewelry. It is a classy watch and looks like it is more expensive than it really was. I also am tickled that it has the double clasp so you can make it into a bracelet watch or have it tight on your wrist, as you wish. This is one purchase I am delighted I made, a gift to myself!

  • Fred Ferrell says:

    I bought this as a gift for my Mother, to replace a watch she lost. She wanted one that was both gold and silver - and this one has a good balance between the two metals, with a gold face, so that the gold predominates, as it did with the watch she lost. (The other relatively inexpensive two-metal watches I found were more silver than gold.) My mother was very pleased with it, and so was I. It was large for her wrist, but most watches are - just required removing a link.

  • Celia Hubbard says:

    Anne Klein watch.
    Am extremely happy with it. I was looking for a dressier watch than my every day one and this looks well with gold and silver jewelry.

  • Frederick Bolton says:

  • Nina Noel says:

    I put this on my wish list and my daughter bought it for me. I love it. It fits perfectly on my wrist and looks beautiful. The face is easily readable and it can be dressy or sporty, depending on what your wearing. I hate it when I need to know the time and I'm somewhere where there are no clocks. So having a wristwatch puts my mind at ease. I will always know what time it is, even if I've no where to go.

  • Nancy Haley says:

    I am a very small framed woman with very small wrists. This watch fits perfectly (with the extra link removed) and looks very elegant! I am a big fan of two toned jewery, so this watch is the perfect match. The price is great for what you get!

  • Emma Avery says:

    The product looked even better in real. The balance of gold and silver was exactly what I was looking for and the small face suited me very well!

  • Elvira Ellis says:

    We had no idea what to give my friend's mom for christmas and this was absolutely the best choice, looks great and the perfect price, less than any other store we looked.

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