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Very sexy and Comfy

Betsey Johnson Womens Iconnn T strap

Betsey Johnson Womens Iconnn T strap

I am so glad that I got this! I was not sure about it, I read the reviews, and decided that it was just a few bucks and got it. it fits me perfect, I got my reg size, and that works perfect for me! It is very comfortable, I didn't even feel wearing it, and it stayed right in place all night long, all 3 times that I have worn it so far, and it Is still very sticky (I always place the plastic cover back over the sticky part!), and I will be wearing it a lot more, and I will probably order a second one just so I have an extra! I LOVE this little bra, it is a must have for the summer, with summer outfits that you cant wear a real bra with! I recommend this to everyone!
I am not sure how it would fit or hold up on a lady with larger breast, since I am a large b,i ordered a b cup, I sometimes wear a c, but I'm just a large b. I can not comment on how it would fit a larger bust size though

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  • Katheryn Griffith says:

    Pretty comfortable and super cute. These were a great deal for $100, they look great in person; elegant yet sleek.

  • Consuelo Knox says:

    Betsey Johnson always has been one of my favorite designers!! Super comfy and look cute with everything! They're my favorite heels currently.

  • May Clark says:

    These shoes were just as described. I loved the gold Betsey Heart at the bottom of the shoe. Made me love them even more!!! Very well made.

  • Alana Fry says:

    Betsey Johnson does it again!! I'm a huge fan of her shoes and this one definitely didn't disappoint. It is TTS I would say and not too high so when walking it's pretty comfortable. The material is satin with the ruffles down the middle contrasting against it. I would definitely recommend this shoe and as a matter of fact, some of my girls have already bought it because of how much they loved it!!!

  • Erik Mcfarland says:

    I wore these shoes to a wedding and received a lot of compliments. I danced the night away and my feet did not hurt a bit! Love these shoes!!

  • Gilbert Shields says:

    I bought these for my girlfriend and she loves the shoes. The size was as indicated and the quality is fantsatic (so I have been told). All I know is that she looks so darn HOT that they do not stay on very long. Thanks

  • Sharlene Best says:

    Just looking at the shoes I thought these were going to be beautiful. What an understatement. These shoes are a heel lovers dream! High but sturdy, fun, flirty, and GORGEOUS! The fit and width are true to size. I can't wait to see how they hold up after an evening out on the town.

  • Robert Guthrie says:

    I am in love with these shoes. They are very sexy and suprisingly comfortable. I receive many compliments whenever I wear these. I am very pleased with the quality and the true to fit sizing. A great pair of shoes!

  • Harry Hopper says:

    I had a huge, long wedding dress so it provided perfect lift, there comfortable, wore them for hours. Great shoe

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