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Moonar Chiffon Strapless Sweetheart Bridesmaid

Moonar Chiffon Strapless Sweetheart Bridesmaid

I am so glad that I got this! I was not sure about it, I read the reviews, and decided that it was just a few bucks and got it. it fits me perfect, I got my reg size, and that works perfect for me! It is very comfortable, I didn't even feel wearing it, and it stayed right in place all night long, all 3 times that I have worn it so far, and it Is still very sticky (I always place the plastic cover back over the sticky part!), and I will be wearing it a lot more, and I will probably order a second one just so I have an extra! I LOVE this little bra, it is a must have for the summer, with summer outfits that you cant wear a real bra with! I recommend this to everyone!
I am not sure how it would fit or hold up on a lady with larger breast, since I am a large b,i ordered a b cup, I sometimes wear a c, but I'm just a large b. I can not comment on how it would fit a larger bust size though

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