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Lava Melody Sandal

Lava Womens Melody Slingback Sandal

Lava Womens Melody Slingback Sandal

I have NEVER and I mean NEVER been able to find a strapless bra for my 34D chest, not when they were perky and not after three kids. My entire wardrobe has been limited because of this, and I've wasted tons of money on bustiers, duct name it. I even tried a super expensive brand. THIS is the bra I've dreamed of. I have already purchased and worn spaghetti strap and halter dresses I've always loved but avoided. I am 46, about 128 pounds and have a full 34D bust. It must be the minimizing aspect that makes this bra work. It really stays up and I did not tug it or even think about it all night. It doesn't "squish" or flatten at all. You feel secure and confident. I can easily see myself wearing this even when a strapless is not essential, as another reviewer said. And the price is fantastic. This is one bra that will be getting the star treatment with handwashing, etc. I want it to LAST!!!

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  • Kaye Wells says:

  • Fran Rios says:

    I don't think that I would have ordered this shoe, if not for the amazing reviews that I read! And I am soooo glad I did! Have been looking for a silver shoe to wear in a wedding and have had little luck as I have a very wide foot. I was a little sceptical about the clear plastic or acrylic part, but they are fun, cute, sparkly, fit surprisingly well and are REALLY comfortable!! Soooo happy to have found them and soooo excited to wear them!

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