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The Rancher Redbourne Series ebook

The Rancher Redbourne Series ebook

I am so glad that I got this! I was not sure about it, I read the reviews, and decided that it was just a few bucks and got it. it fits me perfect, I got my reg size, and that works perfect for me! It is very comfortable, I didn't even feel wearing it, and it stayed right in place all night long, all 3 times that I have worn it so far, and it Is still very sticky (I always place the plastic cover back over the sticky part!), and I will be wearing it a lot more, and I will probably order a second one just so I have an extra! I LOVE this little bra, it is a must have for the summer, with summer outfits that you cant wear a real bra with! I recommend this to everyone!
I am not sure how it would fit or hold up on a lady with larger breast, since I am a large b,i ordered a b cup, I sometimes wear a c, but I'm just a large b. I can not comment on how it would fit a larger bust size though

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11 Responses to “Yacht Weddings”

  • Gilbert Roman says:

  • Maryann Fox says:

    Awesome book!! I couldn't put it down! Those Redbourne boys make a woman hungry!!! Loved the story and descriptions!! Can't wait to read the next one of this series!!!

  • Bernice Burt says:

    I LOVED this book! The author does a good job at creating characters that you will fall in love with! Many of those characters are men. Yes, seven Redbourne brothers! They are all so wonderful and each have their own unique personality that will leave you wanting more. The first book (The Rancher) is about the youngest of the Redbourne brothers and the heroine Abby is someone who could be your best friend! She is strong, independent and caring. This story is a must have and I hope to see the next book soon. From what I have gathered it will come out late 2012 and will be Rafe's story. I'm so excited and I can't wait!

  • Eileen Chandler says:

    This is a great novel. I love love stories and was is right up my alley. I cannot wait to read more from this author. Great value for the price.

  • Alexander Stewart says:

    I bought this last night, and finished it 4.5 hours later! I couldn't put it down! Great imagery, story line, and she makes you really care about the characters. Several times I laughed out loud - such a great book! Don't let the cover fool you - this is good and clean, but full of romance! It leaves you hungry for more - definitely excited for the series to continue!

  • Jeffery Boyle says:

    This was a great book that I could hardly put down. I can't wait to read about all the other brothers( I hope). :)

  • Lucinda Miller says:

    A very good read. I loved that it wasnt the same old story of all romance books. There was mystery and action as well as horses. Definitely would recommend this to friends.

  • Misty Estrada says:

    I Liked this story for several reasons, it was very entertaining, had a little mystery and I didn't need to clean my mind when I got through reading, plus the writer seems to understand that readers do have a little understanding without useless details. All in all it was one of my favorite reads. I plan to read it again because I read fast and sometimes miss points of interest that fill out the story a little better. A book like this can be enjoyed several times. Especially at my age where the memory is getting a bit worn out. popcorngranny

  • Molly Mccullough says:

    I love when I find a story I can finish, leaving me wanting more. The author carefully executed the storyline and didn't leave holes or make you want to skip over parts to get to the good stuff... make sure you have well rested eyes, it is a page turner :)

  • Oscar Cantrell says:

    I love it the book was very good love the way it's ends
    I would recamandit to anyone :) love it

  • Chelsea Benton says:

    Loved this book. Fell in love with the each brother as they were introduced. Loved the tight bond of the family. I cant wait for the next one!

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